About Us

About Hical Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Our company was established in 1988, and we have been a 100% exporting unit from 1997. Since then, we have grown rapidly to emerge as the key supplier to leading corporations in Europe, USA and Asia.


Hical Technologies designs and manufactures High Reliability Electromagnetics and Electromechanical Products (Motors, Solenoids & Sensors, and Transformers), and also offers System Integration (Box Builds and Cabinet Integrations) to the world's leading Aerospace, Defense, Railways and Specialty Industrial customers.

We are the chosen Indian Offset Partners for Indo-US, Indo-French, and Indo-Israeli contracts to support the Indian Offset Program. Our Quality System is certified to AS9100C and ISO9001, while our Environmental System has been certified to ISO14001. We are also accredited by NADCAP for Welding, while our manufacturing systems are aligned with Lean principles, using Lean tools to achieve Zero Defect and On Time Delivery.

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