We have developed transformers for over 700 platforms and are also a single-source for many new
Aircraft programs.



  • Electromagnetics Design with FEA
  • Power, Signal, Impedance, Sensing, Filter Applications
  • 400Hz to few MHz Applications & upto 45KW
  • Use of Wide Range of Magnetic Materials
  • Using Wire, Foil, Planar for Optimal Performance
  • High Efficiency, High Thermal Dissipation
  • Rugged Construction


  • Cores-Amorphous, Nano-crystalline, Special Silicon Steel, Ferrites, Powdered Iron
  • Wires - Round, Foil, Flat/Rectangular Wires in Copper or Aluminum
  • High Thermal Class Insulations: Kapton, Nomex, Teflon
  • Vacuum Potting/Encapsulation with Epoxy/Silicone/Polyurethane Single/Double Component Systems
  • High Performance Plastics like PEEK, KINEL, ULTEM
  • Metallic or Plastic Enclosures