Motors, Solenoids, Transformers, Systems Integration

It is really nice to work with [your] team and really appreciate the team efforts to make such a complex [product] in less than 6 weeks. Starting from … [to] delivery to Boeing with 100% FTQ … all this happened within 6 weeks, [which] really amazed us.

The Boeing Company

For over thirty years we have been supplying Electromagnetics and Electromechanical components and systems to leading corporations worldwide. In addition, we also offer Systems Integration Services. Since 2006, we are focused on the international Aerospace and Military markets. In all these years, we have earned a fierce customer loyalty, through always exceeding customer expectations at every stage of engagement.

We have proved ourselves strong in each step in the chain: Technology, Design, Development, Manufacturing, and Logistics.

Also, we are the Indian Offset Partners for Indo-US, Indo-French, Indo-UK contracts to support the Indian Offset Program. Our Quality System is certified to AS9100 and ISO9001, while our Environmental System has been certified to ISO14001. We are also accredited by NADCAP for Welding, while our manufacturing systems are aligned with Lean principles, using Lean tools to achieve Zero Defect and On-time Delivery