Executive / Engineer – SCM

Job Id: SCM_0008
Position: Engineer/ Executive
Designation: Engineer/ Executive
Department: Supply Chain Management (SCM)
Function: Baan Distribution Module Inbound logistics Inventory Management
Industry: Aerospace Manufacturing
Employment Type: Full-time
Job Location: Bangalore
Posted on: 25-05-2024

Education & Experience required:                                    

Qualification: Engineer/ Diploma/Graduation

Experience: 2 Years & Above

Knowledge & Skills:            

  • Knowledge of Baan Distribution Module.
  • Knowledge of Inventory Management.
  • Knowledge of Inbound logistics
  • Negotiation Skills.
  •  Computer knowledge.
  • Team Management.
  • Communication Skills.


A. Procurement:

  1. Contact Suppliers – Send inquiries for raw materials & sub-contract parts.
  2. Release PO with appropriate schedules and get confirmations on time.
  3. Follow up for timely delivery of raw materials.
  4. Ensure timely dispatch of statutory documents/PO/RM Spec to supplier.
  5. Ensure supplier has the latest drawing / RM specification as called for in PO.
  6. Obtain RM specs & BOM in time to procure raw materials for timely production.
  7. Negotiating with suppliers for prices and delivery
  8. Co-ordinate with Logistics, provide correct documents and ensure material is handed over by supplier on time to freight forwarder.
  9. Conduct regular reviews of pending orders / telecon / visits to ensure supplier is in compliance to required schedule.
  10. Maintain and report status of open orders and receipts.
  11. In the event of rejection, interact with Supplier/SQA to resolve quality issue and get replacement in timely manner.
  12. In the event of rejection, follow up with supplier for RMA / Replacement / Credit Note and ensure GRIN is properly closed.
  13. Effective communication to all suppliers including forecast of required materials.
  14. Ensure capacity allocation at supplier to meet customer requirements and production plan.
  15. Follow up with accounts and ensure on time payment to supplier.
  16. Monitor and maintain desired inventory level to ensure within agreed customer liability.
  17. Ensure Conformance to statutory requirements while performing all the above tasks.
  18. Supplier Lead time reduction to comply with customer required lead time and least liability.
  19. Ensure status of tool life are maintained and new tools are initiated before end of life.
  20. Risk mitigation of the Supply base to ensure supplies are secured.
  21. Vendor visits and periodic vendors audits
  22. Vendor Rating for raw materials on monthly basis
  23. Communicate the trends to suppliers and resolve any differences.


B. Raw Material Cost Control and Reduction:

  1. Maintain database of all landed costs
  2. Preparation of Purchase costing
  3. Take action on purchases based on inputs from batch costing.
  4. Prepare cost reduction plan to meet RM target and track progress.
  5. Initiate actions with CFT to achieve RM target prices.


C. RM Subcontracting:

  1. Norms agreement fixation with supplier
  2. Release of production order and purchase order to supplier
  3. Arrange for sending and receiving materials to/from supplier.
  4. Ensure material receipts on time to production.
  5. Reconcile quantity and close production order.
  6. Ensure scrap / excess materials are returned from supplier.


D. Others:

  1. Supplier agreements and Tool agreements to be contracted with suppliers.
  2. Maintain MIS reports of all deliverables and Quality System requirements.
  3. Tasks and activities delegated through Citrix / Ditrix
  4. Projects and Initiatives assigned.


E. Deliverables:

  1. Statutory compliance in procurement
  2. Accuracy in PO
  3. Ensure availability of correct RM specs with Suppliers
  4. Timely procurement of correct raw materials
  5. Deductions / replacements for defective materials
  6. Desired Inventory levels
  7. Cost Reduction to meet RM cost and profitability target.
  8. Supplier Performance improvement, Supplier Satisfaction, and foster partnership with suppliers
  9. On time payment of suppliers’ bills
  10. Error free documentation

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