Job Id: Prod_0002
Position: Engineer Senior Engineer
Designation: Engineer Senior Engineer
Department: Production
Function: Line balancing People Management Production Management Quality management Team Management & Communication Skills
Industry: Aerospace Manufacturing
Employment Type: Full-time
Job Location: Bangalore
Posted on: 03-04-2024

Education & Experience required:                        

Qualification: Diploma or BE,

Experience: Minimum 3 to 4 years


Knowledge & Skills:

  • Knowledge of Stator.
  • Knowledge of Motor.
  • Knowledge of Solenoid.
  • Product knowledge.
  • Good Communication Skills.



  • Communicate to line members previous day’s production performance, quality performance, current day’s production plan & corrective actions for top defects using the display board.
  • Ensure all operators in the line are following safety norms: wearing goggles, mask, gloves, use rubber MAT for BD testing etc as specified in WIN.
  • Allocate members for each job as mentioned in the time sheet (manpower allocation plan)
  • Enter the significant process events happened during the shift in the traceability report for a production order. Submit the traceability report at the time of dispatch.
  • Verify if the line is balanced for the hourly planned qty in the first hour.
  • Update visual display board in the line.
  • In case of production quantity shortfall, identify the bottleneck or reason for shortfall & take suitable actions to make up the shortfall after discussing with Floor Leader
  • Collect the rejection data from each stage & record in the ‘Rejection data collection sheet’.
  • Get the rework cleared at regular intervals within the shift by allocating adequate resources.
  • Verify if all members have read the WINs, follows product identification & have done set up approval.
  • Account the material issued to line after completion of production & close P.O
  • Identify the non-value-added process, RM consumption > BOM & raise PCPN or ECP.
  • Ensure only required TGFs, WINs, M/CS, equipment’s & materials are available in the line. Every item should be kept orderly in a designated place.
  • Enhance line member skills by initiating training needs for multiple jobs.
  • Based on the Shift Wise plan for next day collect TGFs, WINs, product identification sheet, traceability sheet, line layout & set the line as per the line layout.
  • Read & understand the process flow, critical quality requirements, corrective actions taken for internal rejections & customer complaints for next day’s production.
  • Verify if all RMs are available in the RM rack for next shift production.
  • Collect the time sheet (manpower allocation plan) from the Floor Leader for next day’s production plan.
  • Collect the weekly production plan, delivery control chart from Floor Leader, identify concerns & actions in meeting the plan.
  • Get the scrap disposed end of the shift after QA verification.
  • Account manpower used Project Wise for the qty produced end of the shift.
  • Dispatch qty to be kept ready one day prior to the confirmed dispatch date.
  • Verify if all M/CS & equipment’s are switched off end of the shift if it is not required for the next shift.
  • Return TGFs, WINs & RM immediately after completion of P.O.
  • Identify good performers & recognize them in the line sunrise meeting.
  • Participate in SGAs for defect reduction & productivity improvement projects.

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