Electromechanical actuators are our new products. We secured the GOCO contract from VSSC/ISRO for manufacturing of EM actuators and MI sensors for Indian launch vehicle programs, GSLV and PSLV.

We are augmenting the AIT facilities with an additional 12000sft new building exclusively for EM Actuator projects for Space, Defence and Aeronautics applications.

  • Direct Drive Actuators
  • Belt Drive Actuators
  • Gear Drive Actuators
Used In
  • GSLV, PSLV of Indian Space Research Organization (VSSC)
  • Defence Application (DRDO)
Key Points
  • Loads Up to 8T capacity
  • Stroke Up to ±150mm
  • Linear and Rotary types
  • Motor Torque ranges from mNm to 100Nm
  • Motor speed Up to 12000rpm
  • For Aeronautics, Space and Defence applications
  • Custom Designs

Manufacturing Process

  • Precision Machining
  • Precision assembly with Clean room
    Class 10000, Laminar Flow Tables- Class 100
  • Actuator Testing
    Stall/Load, Friction & Backlash, Frequency response, Cogging & Speed Torque
  • Vibration Shaker
    2500kgf, 100g sine/random, 200g shock
  • Thermovac test, +200 , 1mbar
  • Thermal test, 300