Supply Chain


Supply Chain

We source globally, and manage Supplier Quality through timely and regular feedback on performance through on-site audits, and through controls established at the very beginning – at the time of developing the supplier, and recording expectations in the contracts. In addition to Global Sourcing, we have many local sub-contractors for Special Processes, Sheet Metal, Casting, Forging, Molding and Laser Welding. We conduct internal reviews of supplier performance every month, and seek opportunities for continuous improvement.

Our partners for Logistics management have been picked based on the best consistent speed for each location (against what has been promised). While in some cases we manage our VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) services through these partners’ warehouses.

All our factories are custom-bonded as exporting units. Convinced of our integrity, based on past performance, the government has allowed us self-certification and self-bonding that eliminates potential delay in the supply chain.

We use the SAP HANA ERP System.

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Our Supplier Quality Management is an invaluable link in the chain that assures 100% Delivery Reliability and Zero Defects to our customers.

How do we manageĀ Supplier Quality?