Industrial Engineer – Industrial Engineering

Job Id: IE_0002
Position: Industrial Engineer
Designation: Engineer
Department: Industrial Engineering
Function: Auto CAD Cost reduction Line balancing QMS Value stream Mapping Workplace Layout
Industry: Aerospace Manufacturing Automotive
Employment Type: Full-time
Job Location: Bangalore
Posted on: 18-01-2024

Education & Experience required:                                          

Qualification: BE – Industrial Engineering / Mechanical Engineering.

Experience: 0 to 2 years of experience in shopfloor.

Knowledge & Skills:

  1. Expertise in Auto CAD.
  2. Knowledge of Lean Manufacturing Tools & Techniques.
  3. Familiarity with Quality Management.
  4. Problem solving ability.
  5. Kaizen Implementation.


a. Layout Planning – For new launches:

  1. Reviewal of process flow chart
  2. Reviewal of machines, test equipment’s, other requirements for each process.
  3. Prepare layout as per layout planning guidelines.
  4. Layouts to show input, output of each stage, material movement.

b. Line Layouts – Existing Products:

  1. Understand the next week’s production plan from the production section in charge.
  2. Fix the lines for each product based on the qty planned per shift.
  3. Prepare the layout for each line after taking inputs from the time sheet & brief the Line leader.
  4. Give the layout to Maintenance for electrical wiring, exhaust work, machine movement & any other utility requirements.
  5. Facilitate to set the line with required machines, instruments, accessories & consumables.

c. Shop floor Layout- Existing Products:

  1. Review old layouts for the products planned in the unit.
  2. Review process flow chart, material travel time, how smooth is the material flow, check possibility of product mix up, space for operator exit in case of emergency & avoid back tracking in the existing layout.
  3. List improvements to reduce space consumption, WIP, and parts travel distance.
  4. Re-draw layout using Auto CAD.
  5. Call CFT, brief about the new layout & take suggestions from them.
  6. Organize all the accessories required for a layout & make it available before setting the layout.
  7. Co-ordinate with MAT & get the layout laid as per the plan.
  8. Display the latest approved shop floor layout in the respective unit display board.

d. Time Study – For New launches:

  1. Understand the product and process.
  2. Observe each process in detail.
  3. Record 5 observations for each stage & lowest repeatable time.
  4. Prepare a time sheet with observed readings.
  5. Review the time per piece with costing time per piece.
  6. If the percentage time/piece variance is unfavorable – Review the possibilities of time/piece reduction & update the costing team about the standard time/piece after reviewing with production HOD.

e. Time Study – For Existing Products:

  1. Redo the time study if there is gap of above 6 months from previous time sheet updation.
  2. Compare the difference between previous & current time & conclude the time/piece.
  3. Review the difference with production HOD, if required update costing team.

f. Workplace Layout:

  1. Prepare workplace layout for each process, machine wise.
  2. Keep this as a standard.
  3. Review ERGONOMICS standards when preparing the workplace layouts.

g. Work Method finalization for each process:

  1. Define the work methods for critical process after studying the best options.
  2. Take pictures of the sequence to be followed & get this displayed in the WIN.
  3. If there are improvement in the methods get the WIN updated.

h. Productivity Improvements:

  1. Study the complete process from material receipt into shop floor to dispatch for the product taken up for productivity improvement.
  2. Identify the wastes in the process, eliminate avoidable NVAs & come out with improved methods & ideas to reduce time.
  3. Implement the new ideas & monitor the reduction in time daily.
  4. Monitor the time/piece trend against the standard time/piece. If actual time /piece is above standard time /piece, discuss with production leader & take appropriate actions to meet target.
  5. Close the project after consistently achieving the improved time /piece in actual & submit a productivity improvement report to HOD.

i. Videography of product wise processes:

  1. Productivity improvements and quality improvements and maintaining library of videography.
  2. Identify the project for Videography for improvement.
  3. Record the process min 5-10 cycles continuously for each stage.
  4. Transfer the data from handy came to the computer hard disk.
  5. Identify NVAs & eliminate NVAs for time/piece reduction & update time sheet.

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