Hot Off The Oven! Solenoid for Tejas Mk2

Hical-developed solenoid (pre-production) for Tejas Mk2

A Hical-developed solenoid for Tejas Mk2 is just approved at HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited). We expect the approval to be extended soon to other indigenous programs in India. In the meantime, three more Hical Solenoids are in an advanced stage of development for the ALH and SARAS programs.

This is exciting news here in Hical. Having been a 100% exporter since 1997, our plans to be a major supplier of Elecromagnetics and Electromechanical parts and systems for the Indian Aerospace and Military market are gaining excellent traction.

Stay tuned for more news!


  • High temperature: 230 deg.
  • High temperature: 230 deg. C
  • Operating pressure: 88 psig
  • Burst pressure: 378 psig
  • Endurance: 5000 cycles
  • Qualification standard: MIL STD 461F

Product Description

The product developed at Hical is a Solenoid operated Pilot Valve which is used in a Shut off Valve. This solenoid valve acts as a pilot valve and provides on/off function to main valve. The Shut off Valve (SOV) is intended for use in high temperature bleed airline in the Aircraft’s Environmental Control System.

The solenoid valve has a single vent-hole to allow air to flow to the ambient when the solenoid is de-energised. The solenoid valve has a moving armature. The armature pushes a valve stem to hold the ball on a seat when the solenoid is energised. The signal to the solenoid is provided by an aircraft control switch.

When the solenoid is energised, the armature pushes a valve stem to hold the ball on a valve seat and allows the high-pressure upstream air into the control chamber. In the de-energised state, the spring forces the valve stem and high-pressure upstream air lifts the ball off the valve seat and lets the high-pressure air vent to the ambient.

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